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Sean Martin


Hi! I'm Sean Martin, creator of Shot of Sobriety.
Anybody who has made the decision to go sober is aware that it is one of the biggest decisions of our lives. When I made this decision, and yes, I would argue that it is THE biggest choice I've ever made, I quickly noticed that it wasn't as big of a deal to others as I would have thought. I created SOS because I craved a community of individuals going through a similar phase in their life. BUT, I also didn't want to exclude the amazing people who do drink. SOS is dedicated fostering a community that makes talking about sobriety addicting!

SOS Values


FUN: The logo says it all. SOS is dedicated to maintaining a fun, light-hearted and easy-going community. Sobriety is NOT boring.

COMIC RELIEF: Comedy has always played an important role in the way that I cope with my problems and how I communicate them to the world. I believe that laughter has the power to help people make peace with a negative past.

EDUCATION: Comedy is fun, but I also believe it's important to educate each other through our personal experiences. I'll always take the time to share my genuine experiences and how I've grown from them. I'd also love to hear what you've learned throughout your journey! SOS is a community, not a one-man show.

AUTHENTICITY: Before deciding to go sober, I always felt like I was hiding behind a facade. One of the promises I made to myself, moving forward as a non-drinker, was to be a more authentic version of myself to the public.



COMMUNITY: SOS is a community & that means I want to work with you! My goal is to feature a variety of discussions, tutorials, recipes, hobbies and adventures. Is there something you're great at teaching? Do you have a skill that goes underused? Do you love having intelligent/productive debates? Do you have a story the world needs to hear? Let's talk about it! The world needs to see you.

PRODUCTS: Sobriety is a lifestyle. SOS supports a healthy, fulfilling and inspiring lifestyle. Do you have a product that promotes self-growth, personal health, active living or sustainability? Let's chat about it!


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