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Join me on August 19th @ The Hideout (423 College St, Toronto) to listen to my speech, "SHITFACED." 

There may or may not be a little rap part. ;)

I originally decided to be so transparent, mostly on instagram, about my decision to go sober because it was a way to hold myself accountable to my own decision.
I really wasn’t expecting the massive response that I received when I made the first video about it, but here we are!
When @momondaysto reached out to me to speak about it, it was a no-brainer.
I think it will be a therapeutic experience.
I think it will help my friends and family understand me better.
Most importantly, I think it helps to break the stigma that surrounds non-drinkers!

Find out more about MoMondays and get tickets to see SHITFACED!

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The Pin

I came across the profile for "The Pin" on Instagram and I thought it was such a cool concept!

It's true, sometimes we don't have the intention of drinking and we want to remind ourselves, or let others know! I think it's such a useful, cool idea to have a universal symbol to represent not drinking alcohol. Can't wait to get mine!

The Pin is a tool; a simple, identifiable symbol that when worn expresses the intention to not drink. This project exists because we ourselves have struggled with our relationship with alcohol at various points throughout our careers in the liquor industry. We want to let our friends in this industry know it is okay and completely normal to sometimes struggle with the tough job of balancing health and ‘having a good time’ in situations that don’t always encourage us to say ‘No.’ It can be a truly brave act to make a decision against the social norms for the health of yourself! The pin project was created with the intention of helping industry folks, but anyone that could use a hand in curating safe space to uphold their intentions not to drink are welcomed to utilize it in any of the contexts they themselves struggle within.

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I Am Sober App

As a blogger, I'm obviously big on technology & apps!

When I was first going sober, I tried out a bunch of apps to assist the journey and this was the one that I liked best!

Here's why:

• Varies across multiple addiction

• Logs length of sobriety, dollar saved, and time saved based on personalized inputs

• Motivational quotes daily

• Pledge feature in order to hold yourself accountable

• Option to track multiple addictions, separately

• Track emotional/physical feelings

• Achievement system for positive reinforcement

• Sense of community through sharing stories at milestones

• Instagram community

Check out the app below!

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If you haven't heard of Seedlip yet, I'm happy to share it with you, 'cause I'm a big fan! As a drinker, I was somebody who loved to make delicious, fancy cocktails and actually enjoy the art behind the creation! When I found out about Seedlip, the first distilled, non-alcoholic spirit, I was so excited that I could be sober and still get to be creative with complex cocktails! So far, there are a few distinct flavours of Seedlip & I can't wait to see what else they come up with! There will definitely be many Seedlip recipes to come.  Find out more about Seedlip below!

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