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SOS #5: Mr. Too Cool to be Me

My relationship with substances has always been complex. The thing about high functioning addicts is that they often seem and more importantly, FEEL fine. I maintained relationships. I excelled at various jobs. I even eventually did get into UofT.
Alcohol never left my life in shambles. It’s never landed me on the streets, in jail or in the hospital. The scariest part is that I don’t think it ever would have. 


Lately I've been wondering about what drinkers think about non-drinkers when it comes to dating. I wasn't too keen on dating non-drinkers when I was a drinker, so I'm a bit worried for my romantic future!

SOS #2: My fellow strugglers!

For many people, humour is a way to cope with problems. It doesn't need to be offensive. Even so, I want those who are struggling with similar addictions, as seen in SOS #1, to know that I don't want to make light of their situation. My journey belongs to me and I choose to use humour as a way of discussing my journey with the world, but I would never try to de-validate the hardships of someone else's journey. #Love

sos #1: Sean martin. an alcoholic.

Coming out as an alcoholic doesn't have to be a boring festivity.